Best Coffee Shops Montreal For Coffee Lovers

You love your coffee. For you, it’s not just a drink or whether it’s from the best coffee companies but an experience. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the perfect creamy texture, the little rituals of your morning cup of joe. Oh, so heavenly. For this experience, you need to visit the best coffee shops Montreal has to offer.
Luckily, Montreal is a mecca for coffee nerds like yourself and beer lovers, with independent cafes on …

The Best Beer Montreal Has to Offer

Are you looking for the best beer in Montreal? If so, these microbreweries, bars, and taprooms should be on your radar.
1. Benelux
As the name suggests, this joint places its specialty on beers from Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. They’re also located at Verdun, where you can enjoy a broader space to enjoy their menu.
2. Le Saint Bock
This bar is often full and kept busy every night because of its fantastic selection of 40 beers, most of which are brewed in the house.
3. Isle de Garde
This brewery offers an enormous sitting capacity of 150, but it’s often still packed to the …

Montreal’s Finest Terrasses in Montreal

It’s no secret that Montreal winters can be very unforgiving. This is why people in Montreal are also up for any opportunity to have a good time outdoors whenever the weather permits it.
With that said, here are the best terrasses in Montreal that are ready to offer you a good time.
1. Boris Bistro
Boris Bistro transformed an initially abandoned space on McGill Street into an elegant outdoor oasis. In fact, this establishment is also credited for pioneering gluten-free dining in Quebec.
2. Terrasse Nelligan
Terrasse Nelligan graces the rooftop of Hotel Nelligan, one of the best hotels in Montreal. …

The Best of Montreal’s Bars

After a long and hard day, you undoubtedly need a place to quench your thirst. If so, this guide provides a list of places where you will drink and enjoy unforgettable experiences.
So, check out these bars in Montreal for a selection of beer, wines, and spirits.
Bar Le Record
Bar Le Record has you covered with its fantastic cocktail menu if bourbon and gin are your primary indulgences. This bar also provides a taste of old-school music with its vinyl records. In fact, this …