The Best Beer Montreal Has to Offer

Are you looking for the best beer in Montreal? If so, these microbreweries, bars, and taprooms should be on your radar.

1. Benelux

As the name suggests, this joint places its specialty on beers from Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. They’re also located at Verdun, where you can enjoy a broader space to enjoy their menu.

2. Le Saint Bock

This bar is often full and kept busy every night because of its fantastic selection of 40 beers, most of which are brewed in the house.

3. Isle de Garde

This brewery offers an enormous sitting capacity of 150, but it’s often still packed to the brim during the weekends. Moreover, their twelve taps are kept running by brews from all over the province of Quebec.

4. Broue Pub Brouhaha

Beer runs from the 24 taps at the Brouhaha from 11 AM until late at night. In fact, this bar offers comfort to its patrons as it considers itself a temple of beer.

5. Yisst

The 24 taps at Yisst run with beer from all sorts of breweries from Quebec. In addition, also served here are beers from small-scale breweries in Montreal. This bar is also credited for having snacks on hand that are just as amazing as the beers they serve.

6. Helm

Helm brews its ten beers onsite using ingredients that are locally sourced from Quebec. As a result, this gives them a unique identity, being part of the local breweries and tap houses. In addition, the beers themselves are named after the adjacent streets.

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