Best Coffee Shops Montreal For Coffee Lovers

You love your coffee. For you, it’s not just a drink or whether it’s from the best coffee companies but an experience. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the perfect creamy texture, the little rituals of your morning cup of joe. Oh, so heavenly. For this experience, you need to visit the best coffee shops Montreal has to offer.
Luckily, Montreal is a mecca for coffee nerds like yourself and beer lovers, with independent cafes on …

Montreal’s Finest Terrasses in Montreal

It’s no secret that Montreal winters can be very unforgiving. This is why people in Montreal are also up for any opportunity to have a good time outdoors whenever the weather permits it.
With that said, here are the best terrasses in Montreal that are ready to offer you a good time.
1. Boris Bistro
Boris Bistro transformed an initially abandoned space on McGill Street into an elegant outdoor oasis. In fact, this establishment is also credited for pioneering gluten-free dining in Quebec.
2. Terrasse Nelligan
Terrasse Nelligan graces the rooftop of Hotel Nelligan, one of the best hotels in Montreal. …

The Best Food And Grocery Delivery Services in Montreal

If you are a very busy resident of Montreal, you can still lay your hands on meals and groceries that are timely delivered to you. Of course, this courtesy of the local businesses listed below.
1. Goodfood
Goodfood offers a wide variety of omnivorous, carnivorous, and vegetarian options to choose from. It also provides a speedy and reliable service that you can count on. Goodfood’s headquarters are in Montreal and have since expanded to the whole country.
2. La Comida
La Comida is centered on healthy living. Therefore, its meal packages are rich in vegetables and free of …

The Best of Montreal’s Coffee Houses

Here is the ultimate guide to the top-tier coffee joints in Montreal. On this list, you will find establishments that press, filter, pour, and percolate excellent coffee.
1. Dispatch Coffee
Dispatch Coffee first graced the streets of Montreal in 2012 as a food truck. However, it has since grown a strong name and even maintains the fame of its cold brew. You can find it at Saint Laurent Boulevard.
2. Cafe Olympico
Here, you will find the best of espressos and cappuccino. This Italian café has been in business since 1970, creating an excellent reputation over the years. Just …

Popular Restaurants in Montreal That Permanently Closed Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a heavy toll on many businesses across the globe. In fact, companies in Montreal’s hospitality industry were the most affected, with many reputable restaurants announcing permanent closure.
With that said, here is a list of our favorite restaurants that sadly did not make it through the crisis.
1. Caffe Farina
The Italian café announced its closure at the start of September 2020 via Facebook. This café on Santa Henri was the go-to spot for fantastic brunches along with your favorite liquor.
2. 2 Pierrots
Sadly, the 2 Pierrots …