Montreal Brewed is a media and hospitality business whose goal is to inspire and make it possible for people to discover the very best that the city has to offer.

Since its inception, Montreal Brewed has been helping people to explore new and exciting urban cultures. The brand has held on to its reputation as the one-stop inspirational source for both locals and tourists.

Montreal Brewed maximizes social media platforms and websites to distribute its content. All our articles about food and drinks are written by professionals and journalists, guaranteeing high quality.

A city is brought into focus, and all the aspects of its hospitality industry are covered. We also feature highlights like the best restaurants, best bars and nightclubs, best hotels, and so much more.

Our Culture and Core Values

At Montreal Brewed, equality for all is a key priority. Therefore, no one is discriminated against based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, or race – everyone is given a fair platform.

Our belief in diversity promotes creativity and sustains both professional and personal growth. In addition, we also believe in providing an open environment where ideas can be shared and no one is afraid of failure.

Therefore, we are encouraged to express ourselves as that gives us the strength to break through stumbling blocks. Making people happy and satisfied is our modus operandi. We wish to see a world where civic rights are respected and the dignity of human life given top priority.

Your happiness in any city is our primary goal.