The Best Wine Bars in Montreal

Canadians are known for their love of beer. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy world-class wine – sparkling, white, red, or orange. With that said, check out these fantastic wine bars in Montreal. In fact, you can pop into any of the bars below for a taste of fine wine.


This small bistro has a small seating capacity of 40, making it a more intimate spot. In fact, they even play low and soft music, so it doesn’t drown out any conversations.

Therefore, you can bring your date to the Boxermans or catch up with an old friend to enjoy the excellent wine served by their friendly and accommodating staff.


Larrys has become a top attraction to ardent wine drinkers due to its impressive wine list. Here, you can wash down your meal served at the restaurant with some of their finest wines.

Vin Mon Lapin

Vin Mon Lapin is proud to offer an excellent and diverse menu that includes local wine and natural wine imported overseas. Moreover, their menu is very dynamic, thereby providing you with pleasant surprises at each turn.


The Loic is an excellent wine bar by day where you can enjoy a glass of fine wine in the afternoon. However, the scene changes into a nightclub by night, allowing patrons to enjoy merry dancing and good vibes.


When you enter the Pullman wine bar at the corner of Park Avenue and Sherbrooke Street, you will be astounded by the sheer number of wines they have to offer. In fact, you’ll have around 450 different wines to choose from! Moreover, this impressive selection comprises both local and international classics, making it a beloved spot by many.

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