The Best Brunch Locations In Montreal

If you are a big brunch fanatic, you undoubtedly need to go through this ultimate guide to the best joints in Montreal. With that said, here is your gateway to Montreal’s finest delicacies.

Olive et Gourmando

Everything in the Olive et Gourmando’s menu is exceptionally delicious. After all, it has been in service long enough to give exceptional breakfast and lunch at any time of the year.

Le Butterblume

If you were to ask us what to eat at the Le Butterblume, we would just show you the whole menu right here because everything is just that good. Moreover, the lunches and breakfast are not only wholesomely delicious but also healthy.

Perles et Paddock

If you want your brunch served at a serene space teeming with natural light, then Perles et Paddock is the must-visit location.

Hogan et Beaufort

In this establishment, you will find the meaning of the phrase “affordable but great.” In fact, the coffee is so good for its price, and their menu is primarily composed of high-protein dishes.

Cafe Melbourne

Cafe Melbourne brings a burst of the Australian outback to the streets of Montreal through its brunch service. Here, you can grab their renowned chicken chipotle with their perfected in-house roast coffee.

Bishop and Bagg

The menu at Bishop and Bagg encompasses both traditional and modern British delicacies. Moreover, their menu includes tasty foods like the fried chicken French toast. The chic interior decor of hardwood and leather adds style to how you enjoy your brunch on a slow weekend.

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