The Best Food And Grocery Delivery Services in Montreal

If you are a very busy resident of Montreal, you can still lay your hands on meals and groceries that are timely delivered to you. Of course, this courtesy of the local businesses listed below.

1. Goodfood

Goodfood offers a wide variety of omnivorous, carnivorous, and vegetarian options to choose from. It also provides a speedy and reliable service that you can count on. Goodfood’s headquarters are in Montreal and have since expanded to the whole country.

2. La Comida

La Comida is centered on healthy living. Therefore, its meal packages are rich in vegetables and free of gluten. There are also numerous breakfast options you can select from. La Comida does deliveries to homes in Montreal two times a week.

3. Jenny’s Food Prep

For Jenny’s Food Prep, health is the primary pillar of the business. They deliver well-balanced meals to the residents of Montreal every Monday night.

4. Golden Foods

Golden Foods has a dynamic menu that can cater to you and your entire family. They also offer a special menu for those who are on a low-carb diet. Ordering above $65 means you get to enjoy free delivery. All their deliveries are made on Sundays.

5. Fit Plans

Fit Plans is unique because it provides customized menus for Montrealers who are concerned about their fitness. As a result, each of their meals includes complete nutritional information.

6. 21st Century Food

This is the ideal option for those who need all their meals covered – from breakfast to dinner. They deliver to their clients every Sunday, with delivery fees depending on your location.

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