The Best of Montreal’s Restaurants

While there are many things to do in Montreal, enjoying a meal in one of its wide selection of restaurants is among the top choices.

With that said, this guide will point to where you can find high-quality food served to you with exceptional service.

Restaurant Paulo & Suzanne

Restaurant Paulo & Suzanne is best known for never compromising the quality of its famous chicken grilled cheese. It’s open every day, between 11 AM and 2 AM.


The Candide’s menu is determined by the city’s seasons, which they strictly adhere to, unlike other restaurants in Montreal. Therefore, the best time to visit it is during the summer when the best crops are available.

Car$ibbean Curry House

This is the oldest Caribbean restaurant in Montreal that still offers the best spicy chickpea and chicken curries. Their service is exceptional, and the items on the menu are fit for any budget.

Joe Beef

This is one of the premium restaurants in Montreal where you need a reservation at least three months before. However, it’s worth the wait as its beautifully crafted steaks and smoked meat croquettes will give you a culinary experience that you can brag about.

Maison Publique

Maison Publique is inspired by a pan-Canadian atmosphere, unlike most restaurants that take on the local style. They serve excellent meat and potato dishes in their English gastropub-like space.

Nora Gray

If you are looking for a taste of the best pasta in Montreal, Nora Gray is where you should head to. This establishment has been running thriving bar and restaurant services since 2011.


Crafted out of an old convenience store back in 2016, the Marconi offers the services of a modern bistro. In addition, its entire menu offers patrons bursts of flavor and rich tastes.


Manitoba strives to serve the taste of local produce onto your plate. Its interior has been crafted to embody the vast Canadian wilderness and complement its cuisine of authentic Canadian meats, berries, and herbs.

Le Serpent

Le Serpent leans heavily on its Italian menu providing exquisite plates of pasta and risottos. In addition, Chef Claude Pelletier provides tasty raw and cooked appetizers. Moreover, its interior design also adds to the ambiance that will let you enjoy and indulge in the best Italian cuisine in Montreal.

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