Best Coffee Shops Montreal For Coffee Lovers

You love your coffee. For you, it’s not just a drink or whether it’s from the best coffee companies but an experience. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the perfect creamy texture, the little rituals of your morning cup of joe. Oh, so heavenly. For this experience, you need to visit the best coffee shops Montreal has to offer.

Luckily, Montreal is a mecca for coffee nerds like yourself and beer lovers, with independent cafes on nearly every corner putting their heart and soul into sourcing, roasting, and brewing the best beans.

This city has multiple locations to grab a cup of delicious coffee. Of course, you can explore without a guide, but where’s the fun in trial and error?

How about we show you the best places to snatch up quick coffees you’d relish?

Best Coffee Shops Montreal

Before visiting the top restaurants in Montreal for lunch, you can get your morning dose of good coffee from any of these  Montreal cafés.

Pikolo Espresso Bar

Arguably, Piccolo Expresso makes one of the best coffee in Montreal. This Picolo-sized store in the McGill Ghetto neighborhood is a must for anyone that values quality craft coffee.

Once you step into Pikolo, you’ll catch a whiff of Canadian roasts like Saint Henri and Phi & Sebastian. They offer blended roasts, and the staff is happy to help you choose the perfect beans for your tastes.

The space is stylish yet cozy, with reclaimed wood accents and minimal decor. It’s a popular spot and great for reading or chilled work.

Pikolo also has a light fare to pair with their coffee drinks. We’re talking homemade baked goods, breakfast sandwiches, and quiche. Their brunch served on weekends, is also worth waking up for, and the latte art is a sight.

Whether you’re dropping in for a quick espresso, meeting a friend for brunch, or looking to get some work done, Pikolo should be at the top of your list. With its hip vibe, quality coffee, and locally-sourced menu, this place encapsulates the Montreal cafe experience. Just don’t blame us when one visit isn’t enough!

Café Myriade

When in downtown Montreal, Café Myriade is a must for coffee connoisseurs. Top experts have sung the praises of the craft coffee brewed at this famous spot.

As soon as you walk in, the scent of freshly roasted coffee beans will hit you. Take a seat at the sleek wood bar or grab a table—either way, you’ll have a front-row view of the talented baristas at work.

The menu features a range of espresso-based drinks, from cortados to flat whites, pour-overs, and iced coffee options.

The baristas are passionate about coffee making and will gladly explain the flavor notes of different single-origin beans. Whether you prefer light, fruity beans from Ethiopia or full-bodied, chocolatey beans from Guatemala, take a trip to Café Myriade.

Dispatch Coffee

Dispatch Coffee is a must for any coffee lover visiting Montreal. With multiple locations across town, you can choose anyone that suits you for Dispatch roasts and carefully brewed high-quality beans.

They source ethical, sustainably grown coffee beans from around the world. The beans are meticulously roasted in-house to bring out their unique flavor profiles. You’d also enjoy a selection of single-origin coffees and creative blends.

The attention to detail results in an unparalleled cup of coffee. Dispatch’s brewing methods, like pour-over, cold brew, and espresso, allow the beans’ natural flavors to shine. The baristas are passionate about the craft of coffee and provide exceptional service.

Café de’ Mercanti

Located in the vibrant Le Plateau-Mont-Royal neighborhood, Café de’ Mercanti captures the true spirit of Italian coffee culture. The passionate baristas behind the counter skillfully craft each cup with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every sip is a delight to the senses.

This Italian coffee shop in Old Montreal has a menu with a compelling journey through the flavors of Italy. Are you craving a classic espresso, a velvety cappuccino, or a rich and indulgent affogato? Try out Café de’ Mercanti cafe.

Their selection of specialty drinks, such as the creamy caffè marocchino or the refreshing granita di caffè, adds a touch of uniqueness to the experience.

Paquebot Café

If you’d love to explore and wade into unfamiliar territories with your coffee taste, the buck stops here. This store boasts three locations across town that serve eccentric tastes like cocktail-infused coffees.

The café is small but stylish, with enough greenery, trendy light fixtures, polished concrete floors, and sleek wood accents. Seating includes a long bar along the front windows, perfect for people-watching, and a few tables and couches for lounging.

You’ll find all the usual espresso-based drinks and some unique creations. For non-coffee drinkers, they also have a variety of teas, juices, and kombucha on tap.

Choose from fresh-baked goods, like croissants, scones, and homemade granola, to accompany your drink. They also have a daily quiche or frittata. Everything is made from high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients.

With its oh-so-chic space, premium coffee, and artisanal fare, the Paquebot Café epitomizes the hipster coffee shop. No wonder the cool kids of Montreal flock here. Stop by for your caffeine fix in an undeniably hip space.

Café Saint-Henri

Most Montreal cafes would probably offer some Saint Henri’s roasts. How about you get it from the source? Café Saint-Henri is a popular neighborhood café known for its friendly vibe and dedication to the community. In the Saint-Henri district, Café Saint-Henri has been serving delicious coffee and homemade treats for a while.

The café has a cozy, lived-in feel with its vintage decor, distressed wood tables, and chalkboard menus. Baristas greet regulars by name and are always down for a quick chat. It boasts an on-site roster, a coffee lab, and a stunning cafe bar.

You can get classic drinks like americanos, lattes, flat whites, and unique roasts like the “Saint-Henri” – an espresso with condensed milk and cocoa powder.

Whether you live nearby or are just visiting, Café Saint-Henri is a beautiful place to spend time. Grab a seat, order a coffee or snack, connect to the free Wi-Fi, and soak in the welcoming atmosphere. Meet a friend or just enjoy some alone time in good company. However long you stay, you’ll leave feeling like a part of the community.

Crew Collective & Café

Tucked away at the formal command post of Royal Bank, Crew Collective & Café is a cozy coffee shop off the beaten path. This hipster haven is popular with locals and known for its laid-back vibe, artisanal coffees, and fresh-baked goods.

Stop by for your morning latte or afternoon pick-me-up, and you’ll be greeted by the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans.

Pair your brew with homemade pastries, like a flaky croissant, vegan muffin, or savory quiche. On the weekend, brunch is served featuring local, organic ingredients.

The space is stylish yet unpretentious, with unique touches like a mural by a local artist, wood accents, and plants galore. There are cozy nooks for remote working or intimate conversations and larger communal tables to socialize.

For those seeking an alcohol-infused coffee drink, you’re in luck. The café offers coffee cocktails, tap cold brews and a short list of craft beers.

Tunnel Espresso Bar

Tunnel Expresso’s attention to detail in their coffee-making is second to none. Owner Andy Kyres has always wanted to open a coffee downtown and created the popular underground coffee store.

Despite being compact, this store is a favorite because it serves quality coffee. Delivering the best of Ontario’s Detour Coffee Roasters beans, it’s a must-visit.

The menu is simple but high quality, featuring pastries from local bakeries like Hof Kelsten and fresh sandwiches at lunch. However, the main attraction is undoubtedly the coffee. In addition to espresso drinks, you can sample pour-overs of single-origin beans from roasters worldwide.

The space has an intimate vibe perfect for a quick coffee meeting or solo work session. Despite its small size, Tunnel Espresso Bar holds its own against the many independent cafes in Montreal, focusing on the fundamentals – fresh, ethically sourced beans and an unparalleled dedication to the craft. For a taste of Montreal’s booming artisanal coffee scene and an experience of all coffee health benefits, head to Tunnel Espresso Bar.

Pigeon Espresso Bar

coffee maker making coffee

Pigeon Espresso Bar is a must for any coffee connoisseur visiting Montreal. It has a range of expertly-crafted espresso drinks, pour-overs, and cold brew coffees made from a rotating selection of single-origin beans.

Their baristas take pride in the nuances of each origin and recommend a coffee ideally suited to your tastes. You can opt for light, fruity coffees from Central America or full-bodied, chocolatey roasts from Indonesia.

With its clean lines, natural wood accents, and abundant natural light, Pigeon has an airy yet cozy vibe, perfect for lingering over coffee.

There are communal tables ideal for mingling or working and smaller tables for a more intimate meetup. The minimalist décor lets the star of the show—the coffee—genuinely shine through.

Pigeon Espresso Bar is a must-visit for coffee lovers in Montreal looking to experience the craft and culture of specialty coffee in a stylish, laid-back setting. The welcoming staff, premium coffee selection, and cozy space will make you want to stay for hours.

Caffè San Simeon

Caffè San Simeon is an Italian coffee store with a cozy local atmosphere, a tasty food menu, and high-quality coffees.

The shop has ample seating with large windows letting in lots of natural light, creating a pleasant space to enjoy coffee or work. They offer a variety of coffee drinks, from espresso to pour-overs using beans from local Montreal roasters. You can also find fresh-baked goods, light lunch items, and brunch on the weekends.

Caffè San Simeon is all about community. It’s an excellent spot for remote working or meeting up with friends in a laid-back, creative environment.

If you’re looking for a hip, community-focused coffee shop in Montreal with amazing coffee and good vibes, Caffè San Simeon should be on your list. Open daily from 7 am to 7 pm; this welcoming cafe is worth a visit. Check their social media for event listings and the latest menu updates.

Final Verdict

The options above are all Montreal’s best coffee houses for any discerning coffee lover. Montreal’s coffee scene is thriving, with new shops constantly popping up.

But these places have stood the test of time and continue serving unique cups of joe. Next time you crave an expertly crafted cappuccino or cold brew, check out one of these coffee havens.

Now get out there and start exploring – after all, a city’s coffee culture says a lot about its soul. And Montreal’s soul is bold, creative, and inviting, just like these coffee shops.

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